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Federal Republic,
10 Dollars, 16.64g, 1841 O, New Orleans (Fr.156 ; KM.66.2).
very rare, only 2500 struck, marks on edge, knocks and scratches, fine to very fine.

Vente du 15/12/2020

Sold for 14.200 €

François Pompon

Grue couronnée

Vente du 25/10/2021

Sold for 66.000 €

Audenaerde, early 18th c

The cocoa pause

Vente du 19/04/2021

Sold for 10.500 €

Belle Epoque pendant

Vente du 22/06/2021

Sold for 13.800 €

China, Jiaqing period
Pair of gourds

Vente du 26/10/2021

Sold for 7.500 €

Antonio DI ARCANGELO, aka ANTONIO DEL CERAIOLO (Known in Florence between 1518 and 1538) Madonna and Child

Vente du 06/12/2021

Sold for 72.000 €

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Haynault organizes ten catalogued auctions per year in its Brussels auction rooms (Uccle), grouped in these categories :

  • Jewelry and Silverware
  • Paintings, Drawings, Works of Art
  • Travel and Historical Memorabilia and specialized collections
  • Coins and medals, Stamps
  • China & Asian arts

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