Furniture and decorative arts

Furniture and decorative arts

Four times a year, Haynault showcases decorative arts during its specialized catalogued auctions. From Renaissance to contemporary design, the selection made by our specialists highlights works selected for their aesthetic or historical qualities. With pieces by both Belgian and international artists offered on sale, collectors and art-enthusiasts alike can find treasures during our auctions. Ceramics, glassware, watches, sculpture, textiles and furniture are all highlighted in a beautiful scenography during every exhibition.

Our sales of furniture and works of art focus on sculpture, watchmaking and European porcelain
Bertrand Leleu

A graduate of EAC Paris [Paris School of Arts and Culture] and former student at the Ecole du Louvre, Bertrand Leleu led the department of 20th century decorative arts at a Parisian auction house for many years before settling in Brussels. A specialist in the period between 1880-1950, he carries out research in this field, and collaborates with interior designers and collectors.

Outstanding results

Julien Leroy, declared master in 1713

Louis XV cartel clock

, 6.000 €

Charles Artus (1897 - 1978)

Blackbird, circa 1930

, 11.500 €

Tournai, second half of the 18th century Pugs Low-fire clay figures

, 4.200 €

Mathurin MOREAU (1822 - 1912), Flore and Zephy

, 12.900 €

Demeter Haralamb CHIPARUS (1886 - 1947)

, 15.000 €

Claire Jeanne COLINET (1880 - 1950)

, 11.500 €

Jean Gabriel CHAUVIN (1889 - 1976), Georgette

, 36.000 €

The fortune-teller

, 5.500 €

Gallant concert or Apollo and the muses. Wool and silk tapestry

, 5.800 €

Large, violonnée-shaped cartel clock with its console. Julien Leroy Paris.

, 6.500 €

Jean Dunand (1877-1942), conical vase

, 5.600 €

Large rolling trunk 

, 4.800 €

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